Garden State Salad LLC
32 Main Street Flemington, New Jersey

ph. 908 751 5605
Open Mon.-Fri. 11am - 4pm.
 Sat. 11am - 4pm

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             Welcome to Garden State Salad. Opened Dec 16th 2011. Owner Saundra Scott would like to introduce herself.

             My background in the food industry began in high school . I took up baking at East Brunswick Vo Tech and Instructor David Shapiro was an excellent Baker who taught us the industry well. I was awarded best in shop. After high school I attended The International Pastry Arts Center in Bedford Hills New York. 

        I love working with my hands and I am not scared of a hard day’s work. I have had a diverse career working at Golf Clubs, Banquets, Cafes, Bakeries & Fine Dining.           

           The highlight of my early career was working at The Frog and the Peach for 3 yrs. under the Chef David Drake at the start of his awesome carrier!

           I had my own bakery in West Australia. Other experience includes small cafes under my own direction.

        My own food preferences have combined with the latest food trends and I believe Garden State Salad will be a great success. Foremost in my planning is to keep it simple, you don’t need a lot but what you got has to consistently good.

      In my small establishment home baked products are one feature. The flour we use is organic & retains the germ.  Our coffee is Whole Bean Freshly Ground. 

        For lunch, the 12 inch organic wraps will be big sellers; the toasted wraps will fly out the door. I can’t say enough about the endless ideas I have for salads, with the emphasis on seasonal, local ingredients. My sister Sherry and her husband Jim have one of the most successful farms in the country, Honey Brook Organic Farm in Pennington and Chesterfield NJ We will feature their produce during the growing season. We try to incorporate other organics & local ingredients as well. Our Beef Burgers are from Locals at  Lima Farms and Grass Fed. We have home baked turkey, roast beef & homemade soups. I can see us as being the hang out spot for casual dining and take away.
           I am proud of the healthy food we serve here at the Garden State. Some other features I would like to let customers in on is that we use expeller pressed canola oil, non GMO, & extra virgin olive oil in our house made dressings. The sugar in my Baked goods are kept to a minimum.
           Hope to see you soon. Thank you for a great start.   Sandi


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